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Wiring, switches, outlets, and light fixtures in the modular units are factory installed. But there is still electrical work that must be done after the house is set. State and/or local regulations may require all electrical work to be done by a licensed electrician. (Check with your local building department.) 

  • Connections between Modules. The electrician must make any connections between modular sections.

  • The Electric Panel. The electric panel usually hangs in the basement in a location specified on the order. Circuits from the module above the panel will be connected to the panel, but circuits from other modular sections will be labeled and hanging in the basement to be tied into the panel by the local electrician.

  • Power Supply. Coordinating with the local power company, the electrician must mount the meter socket and bring in the electric service from the street.

  • Basement Electrical Work. No lighting or electrical outlets for the basement is provided by the factory other than wiring for a basement smoke detector in series with the other smoke and CO detectors throughout the house, and a 3-way switch for lights at the basement stairwell. The local electrician is responsible for any electrical work in the basement required for basic lighting, and to bring power to the boiler or hot water heater.

  • Other Locations and Structures. The local electrician must also complete any electrical work required in the attic, or in any panelized or site built components like garages or porches. You can order the modular sections with additional circuits to the attic, or switches to control lights in the site built garage or other areas outside of the modular structure.

Remember, The Builder Development Corp can act as your General Contractor to oversee the entire project, or as a subcontractor for some portion of the project.