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Each of the factories we source from offers a wide range of factory installed options and upgrades to the base line specs. Availability of specific brands and options varies from one manufacturer to another, so be sure that your contract specifies clearly what you want.

  • COLORS: Color choices for siding, roof shingles, carpets, and countertops are available within a set of in stock colors, at no additional charge. Additional non standard or premium colors may also be available for many items. There may be up charges for special order colors.
  • NINE FOOT CEILINGS: Because the first floor modules of two story styles ship without a roof system, it is easy and economical to add nine foot ceilings.
  • ROOFS: Steeper pitches roofs provide a more dramatic look and offer greater options for attic storage. Roofs up to 9/12 or even 12/12 are available on most models. Cape Cod styles usually have a standard 12/12 pitch. Hip roofs, decorative and functional dormers are also available.
  • ATTICS: Most models, other than capes, have "truss roof" framing, which is efficient, but limits attic access. Full stand-up storage attics with rafter framing can be added to roofs with a pitch of 7/12 or greater. Storage attics can have either space saving pull down stairs, or traditional fixed stairs, depending n the plan.
  • BASEMENTS: We get asked this a lot. Yes, you can have a basement. You can also have a sub-basement, and a crypt beneath the sub-basement, but all basements and foundations are built on-site, and do not come from the factory.
  • PREMIUM WINDOWS: While all of our homes offer high quality low maintenance, low-e, energy efficient vinyl windows as a standard, all of our manufacturers offer one or more additional lines of premium windows from the best know window manufacturers in America, including Pella®, Andersen®, and Marvin®.
  • ENTRY DOORS: Your front entry makes a real statement about your home, and their are options in every price range. You can even add eight foot tall doors with available nine foot ceilings. Pro basketball players insist on these.
  • OAK STAIRS: A beautiful staircase is a memorable focal point in any home. A variety of styles is available of stairs with oak treads and rails, or all oak, including stringers and risers.
  • FIREPLACES: Choose from various sizes and styles of romantic wood burning fireplaces, or energy efficient gas fireplaces, including see-through and 3-sided styles. Finish it with one of our mantel and surrounds, or design your own.
  • MOLDING CHOICES: White 3¼" colonial base molding, and 2¼" white colonial casing is standard, but other choices include larger profiles, and other materials, including stainable pine and pre finished oak. You can also add chair rail and crown molding for a truly elegant look.
  • FLOOR COVERINGS: Carpet and vinyl floor coverings are standard, but choices abound. Obviously there are color choices, but there are also options to upgrade to more luxurious deeper piles or long wearing Berbers. Low maintenance laminate flooring comes in both faux wood grains and faux stone patterns. Ceramic tile and hardwood floors can sometimes be factory installed in limited areas, but most builders prefer to install these premium floor coverings on site, after the modular home has been set.
  • ADDED ELECTRICAL OPTIONS. It will never cost less to add an electrical outlet or a phone jack than when you first build the house. It can cost hundreds of dollars to have a professional electrician add a single light fixture, or move an electrical outlet. Spend a few minutes with your plan and make sure you have all the outlets, light fixtures, phone and TV jacks that you need. Do you need CAT-5 computer networking? Now's the time. Recessed lights? Dimmers? Switches to control exterior lighting? Pre-wire for sound systems or security? Just ask.
  • APPLIANCES: We can get you reasonable prices on a select group of GE appliances, including some stainless steel models, but frankly, you can probably buy appliances as cheaply as we can. The appliances we sell most of are dishwashers and over the range microwave ovens. When these items are factory installed, their prices are fairly competitive compared to the installed prices from most local suppliers. Remember, however, when you choose appliances for your new home, make sure they'll fit. You must either tell us your space requirements (and other electrical or plumbing needs) before the modular order is placed, or you must purchase appliances that will fit in the space that you get. Refrigerators have the widest variety of sizes. height, width, and depth.
  • CABINETRY: We offer a huge range of cabinets options in oak, maple, hickory, and cherry. Low maintenance Thermofoil finishes are also available. A beautiful kitchen is important, and we're ready to spend a the time it takes to plan the kitchen you dream about. The only limits are your imagination (and your budget). The same broad range of furniture quality cabinetry is available for baths, and other applications, including library systems, entertainment centers, desks, and other built ins.
  • BATH FIXTURES: A variety of styles are available for luxurious tubs and spas, vanity tops, and spacious showers. If we can't get what you want from the factory, we can deliver your home with the rough plumbing for your multi jet steam shower or other fantasy bath features.
  • GARAGES and PORCHES : Yes, we can include a modular garage, either as part of the modular structure, or panelized to attach to the modular home. Decks are generally built on site, but we can include panelized roofs for covered porches and porticos. Because garages and porches are fairly simple construction with minimal electric or plumbing, they frequently may be more economical to build on site.


The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to site installed options. (That and the budget.) The most economical options will almost always be those available for factory installation. You'll never save money deleting the basic factory cabinets so that you can site install some that you got on clearance at a local home center (even if you got them for free) because of the higher labor costs associated with on-site installation (plus the countertop, sinks, and faucets). On the other hand, if your budget permits there is no reason why you can't have whatever your heart desires in a high end home. Some of the options home buyers add on site are these "must have" specialties that aren't available from the factory, others are items that can't be practically installed at the factory.

Popular on site options include:

  • Hardwood Floors and Ceramic Tile can't be installed where a floor crosses a mate wall, since you'd never get the two sides to line up properly. Some factories don't even offer hardwood and ceramic floor option for this reason. Buying hardwood and tile locally gives you a world of choices.

  • Stone, Stucco, or Brick Veneer, installed at the factory would never survive the delivery, but you can delete the standard vinyl siding on one or more walls and take the module wrapped only in house wrap.

  • Other Specialty Siding, including cedar clapboards or shakes, barn board, or other material may also be available from local sources. Again, delete the vinyl and tale only the housewrap.

  • Specialty Roofing Material, like cedar shakes, true slate, or even metal roofs can be supplied and installed on site by local roofing contractors. Want a English cottage look? Good luck finding a thatcher on this side of the pond (there's one in Virginia), but if you can, delete the architectural fiberglass shingles and have the house delivered with just roofing felt paper. With a heavy roof like slate, find out if you need special roof framing, such as 12" on center rafters instead of 16".

  • Granite Countertops can sometimes be supplied and installed at the factory, but many local fabricators and installers offer a wider selection of stone and other deluxe countertop materials. You may even be able to select you own slabs.

  • Lighting Fixtures and Ceiling Fans are offered by the factories one or two styles, but the factory can never match the selection available at your local big box home center, let alone the many specialty lighting showrooms you can visit in person or on-line. Choose your own interior exterior decorative light fixtures and ceiling fans. (Make sure the appropriate electrical boxes and switches are specified on your modular plans.)

  • CUSTOM MOLDING AND TRIM WORK, especially complex work with inset wainscotting and multi-level crowns, and coffered ceilings, is best done on site by skilled finish carpenters. Elegant looks can be achieved with economical MDF moldings, or exotic hardwoods from specialty lumber suppliers.

  • ELEVATORS, SOLAR PANELS, REVOLVING DOORS and other items we haven't thought of are probably available as long as local building codes permit. Make sure your plans include and special framing, plumbing, or wiring you need for your specialty items.

The Builder Development: SPECS


  1. 2 " x 10" Floor joist spaced 16" on center.
  2. Double rim joist - front and rear
  3. ¾" Tongue & groove plywood floor decking glued and fastened
  4. Solid wood bridging between joists
  5. Flush center beam - formed by double rim joist of two joined floors


  1. 2" x 6" Studs - 16" on center
  2. Double 2" x 6" top and single bottom plate
  3. 8' Wall height
  4. 1/2" Structural exterior CDX sheathing
  5. Double 4" vinyl lap siding and corner posts


  1. 2" x 4" Interior wall studs - 16" on center
  2. Single 2" x 4" top and bottom plates
  3. Marriage walls - 2" x 4" 16" on center with structural sheathing for added strength
  4. ½" Drywall w/smooth finish w/one base coat of latex primer paint


  1. 7/12 Roof pitch
  2. Pre-engineered 55 lb roof trusses spaced at 16" on center.
  3. ½" CDX plywood roof decking
  4. Up to 90 mph wind zone, fasteners, connectors, and straps.
  5. Ice & Water Shield, Front/Rear.
  6. 30-Year fiberglass Architectural roof shingles
  7. Deluxe "shingle over" ridge ventilation system
  8. Vented vinyl soffit system
  9. Aluminum fascia and gable rakes
  10. Metal drip edge for all roof edges
  11. 12" Eave extension - 28' wide
  12. 12" Gable end rake extension
  13. Drywall smooth finish ceilings w/one base coat of latex primer paint w/vapor barrier


  1. Exterior walls - R-19 fiberglass batting
  2. Ceiling - R-38 fiberglass batting or R-40 blown
  3. House wrap wind barrier
  4. 10 Year structural warranty


  1. 36" Insulated fiberglass six-panel front door w/metal threshold, double 14" sidelights, key-in-knob lock set and dead bolt lock
  2. 32" Insulated fiberglass six-panel rear door w/metal threshold, key-in-knob lock set and dead bolt lock
  3. Double hung vinyl windows with screens, tilt-in sash and integrated grids for easy cleaning. Anderson 400 or Marvin Windows per standard specifications sheet.
  4. Anderson 400 or
  5. Shutters on front elevation windows.
  6. Specialty doors and windows (per plan)


  1. White colonial interior doors w/matching solid wood jambs
  2. Pewter tone lever style interior door hardware.
  3. Privacy locks on all bedroom and bath doors - passage sets on all other doors
  4. Door stops on all swing doors protect your walls
  5. Classic colonial white wood baseboards and colonial door and window casing
  6. White epoxy coated ventilated wire closet shelving w/integrated rod - single shelf in bedroom closets four shelves per linen closet


  1. Durable no wax vinyl floor covering for Kitchen, Baths, Laundry/Utility rooms over ¼" underlayment
  2. Carpet - Deluxe nylon carpet with stain protection in all other room
  3. ½" Rebond carpet pad for added comfort underfoot
  4. NOTE: Carpet locations (per plan)


  1. Handcrafted deluxe solid oak framed KCMA certified kitchen cabinets w/solid oak raised panel doors. Arch style upper cabinet doors, or maple recessed panel doors, your choice.
  2. Crown molding above wall cabinets.
  3. Drawer over door in all base cabinets
  4. Revolving lazy susan shelves in corner base and overhead cabinet wherever possible
  5. Pull-out shelf in base cabinets wherever possible
  6. High pressure laminate countertops w/4" backsplash
  7. Double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink
  8. Single lever faucet w/spray
  9. Exterior vented range hood w/light
  10. NOTE: Appliances are optional


  1. 60" One-piece fiberglass tub (tub type may vary per plan)
  2. Single lever faucets in tubs/showers w/anti-scald device
  3. Oak bath vanity cabinet with solid oak raised panel doors to match kitchen cabinets
  4. High pressure laminate vanity tops w/4" backsplash
  5. 18" Round drop-in porcelain vanity sinks
  6. Elongated porcelain water saver 1.6 gallon flush toilet
  7. Exterior vented 100 cfm Fan/light combination in each bath
  8. Linen storage (per plan)


  1. PEX water lines stubbed through floor
  2. PVC drain, waste, and vents (DWV) stubbed through floor
  3. Shut-off valves for all sinks, lavatories, and toilets
  4. Washer connection box provided (per plan)
  5. Ice maker connection box with shut off
  6. PVC vent line for Future Radon Mitigation


  1. All electrical wiring to the most stringent


  1. 200 AMP service w/circuit breakers (per plan)
  2. Ground fault interrupters (GFI) for exterior receptacles, bath, and kitchen appliance circuits
  3. Silent rocker panel switches
  4. Double deluxe coach style lights at front entry door
  5. Deluxe coach style light at al other exterior doors
  6. Interior light package including a chandelier for formal dining area and six standard recessed lights
  7. Switched bedroom receptacles
  8. Four telephone jacks
  9. Four cable TV jacks
  10. Dual power (AC/DC) Smoke detectors wired in series
  11. Dual power (AC/DC) Carbon Monoxide detector wired in series with smoke detectors
  12. 220 volt electric range receptacle
  13. Electric door chime at front and rear (or side) door


  1. Hot water baseboard radiators (boiler to be supplied & installed by local contractor)
  2. Toe kick heaters in kitchen & baths when required


  1. 12/12 Roof pitch w/12" eave extension
  2. Pre-engineered trusses w/knee walls 16" O.C.
  3. Close-off package for upper level includes: interior door and partitions for on-site installation
  4. ¾" tongue & groove floor decking for center portion of upper level
  5. 110 V Electrical circuit to junction box for future lights in upper level
  6. Rough-in hot and cold water supply and waste line for future second level bath
  7. Stair package to upper level includes: primed kickboard and carpet grade treads and risers. Also includes: spindle railing and wall handrails (per plan)
  8. NOTE: Carpet and railings shipped loose for stair area
  9. R-30 fiberglass batt insulation (no insulation above upper level decking)
  10. Gable end - upper level windows (shipped loose)


  1. Upper level framing same as lower level construction Ceiling framing of lower level - 2" x 6" - 16" on center
  2. Stair package to upper level includes: primed kickboard and carpet grade treads and risers. Also includes: spindle railing and wall handrails (per plan). NOTE: Carpet and railings shipped loose
  3. Plumbing of water lines and DWV is to upper level chase for on-site connection
  4. Hanging foyer light for open foyer entry models