The exterior of your home will always come sheathed in OSB or plywood (as specified on your order) and wrapped in house wrap The roof will be shingled to the extent possible in the factory, and the set crew crew will complete the installation of shingles and the ridge vent. Some exterior work remains to be done on site after the set crew is finished.

  • Vinyl siding. While nearly all modular manufacturers offer maintenance free vinyl siding as a standard feature, only a portion of the exterior vinyl siding can be installed at the factory. Most manufacturers install vinyl siding on the front and rear of the first level, and ship the balance loose for on site installation by the local finish contractor on the gable ends, the upper levels. (In some more complex designs, it may be impractical to install vinyl at the factory even on the front and rear lower levels.
  • Soffitt & Fascia. The local siding crew should also install factory supplied fascia and soffit material at the roof line as well as drip edge.
  • Gutters & Leaders. Local contractors can supply and install seamless gutters in a variety of finishes and colors.

If you want exterior finishes other than vinyl, local contractors can supply and install just about anything else including cedar shakes or clapboards, stucco, brick face, or stone veneer.

Remember, The Builder Development Corp can act as your General Contractor to oversee the entire project, or as a subcontractor for some portion of the project.

Remember, The Builder Development Corp can act as your General Contractor to oversee the entire project, or as a subcontractor for some portion of the project.


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Interior/exterior of home

The interior of your new home will be mostly complete upon set. However, there are some things than cannot be effectively done until after the modular units are assembled on site.

  • Sheet rock, tape, and compound. Some sheet rock work on site is required to close the seams where the modular sections come together and to close some access areas after the plumbing   and electrical connection between the modular sections have been completed. Even sheet rock that has been properly installed and perfectly finished at the factory may suffer some stress cracks, usually in the corners, when the units are transported over the roads and lifted by the crane. The worst stress usually occurs if the units need to be towed across unpaved and uneven areas of your property. These cracks are to be expected, and the local sheet rock subcontractor should repair these when completing the other sheet rock work.
  • Finish Carpentry. There will be some finish carpentry necessary to complete moldings at the areas where the modular sections come together, and to hang doors any interior doors on the "mate wall". (The mate wall is the wall formed where two modular sections meet.)
  • Stairs & Railings. On two story homes, it will be necessary to complete stairs and railings that cross from one modular level to another. (Any basement stairs must be supplied and installed b the local contractor.) 
  • Floor Coverings. Factory installed Carpets may need to be seamed at the mate wall and installed on the stairs. Hardwood and ceramic tiled floors are not usually factory installed, but can be supplied and installed locally.
  • Insulation. Insulation for the exterior walls and the attic are factory installed. Insulation for the basement ceiling must be installed on site, and is not usually supplied by the factory.