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The Builder Development Corp: Standard Specifications


  1. 2" x 10" Floor joists spaced 16" on center. 
  2. Double rim joist - front and rear 
  3. 3/4" Tongue & groove OSB (oriented strand board) floor decking, glued and fastened, 
  4. Solid wood bridging between joists 
  5. Flush center beam - formed by double rim joist of two joined floors 
  6. GOLD Package upgrades to 3/4" tongue & groove plywood floor decking, glued and fastened.


  1. 2" x 6" Studs - 16" on center 
  2. Double 2" x 6" top and single bottom plate 
  3. 8' Wall height 
  4. 7/16" Structural OSB sheathing 
  5. 1/2" CDX Plywood floors. 
  6. Double 4" vinyl lap siding and corner post 
  7. Front window shutters * 


  1. 2" x 4" Interior wall studs - 16" on center 
  2. Single 2" x 4" top and bottom plates 
  3. Mate walls - 2" x 3" - 16" on center with structural sheathing on each side for added strength 
  4. ½" Drywall w/smooth finish w/one base coat of latex primer paint 


  1. Pre-engineered 55 lb. + roof trusses,  7/12 pitch, 16" OC 
  2. Up to 90 mph wind zone, fasteners, connectors, and straps. 
  3. 7/16" Structural OSB roof decking, or…
  4. GOLD Package upgrades to ½" CDX plywood roof decking.
  5. Ice & Water Shield, Front/Rear. 
  6. 30-Year architectural fiberglass roof shingles 
  7. Deluxe “shingle over” ridge ventilation system 
  8. Aluminum fascia and gable rakes 
  9. Metal drip edge for all roof edges 
  10. 12" Eave extension, may vary on width and roof pitch of home. 
  11. 12" Gable end rake extension, may vary on width and roof pitch of home. 
  12. Drywall smooth finish ceilings w/one base coat of latex primer paint w/vapor barrier 


  1. Exterior walls - R-19 fiberglass batting 
  2. Ceiling - R-40 blown or R-38 batt style ceiling insulation. 
  3. House wrap wind barrier 
  4. Our homes easily qualify for Energy Star ® Certification is an optional charge. 


  1. 36" Insulated six-panel front door w/metal threshold, key-in-knob lock set, and dead bolt lock 
  2. GOLD Package adds double 14" sidelites. 
  3. 32" Insulated six-panel rear door w/metal threshold, key-in-knob lock set, and dead bolt lock 
  4. High efficiency Low E glass double hung vinyl windows with grids & screens, tilt-in sash for easy cleaning, or ... upgrade to Andersen 400 or Marvin Windows, with snap-in grids, depending on modular manufacture.
  5. Specialty doors and windows (per plan) 


  1. White colonial interior doors w/matching solid wood jambs 
  2. Lever handle privacy locks on all bedroom and bath doors – lever handle passage sets on all other doors. 
  3. Door stops on all swing doors to protect your walls 
  4. White colonial wood baseboards, door and window casing. 
  5. White wood window sills on all windows. 
  6. White epoxy coated ventilated wire closet shelving w/integrated rod - single shelf in bedroom closets four shelves per linen closet 


  1. Durable no wax vinyl floor covering for Foyer, Kitchen, Baths, Laundry/Utility rooms over ¼" underlayment 
  2. Carpet –25 oz. nylon carpet with stain protection 
  3. ½" Rebond carpet pad for added comfort underfoot 


  1. Handcrafted deluxe solid oak framed KCMA certified kitchen cabinets w/solid oak raised panel doors. Arch style upper cabinet doors, or maple recessed panel doors, your choice. 
  2. Crown molding above wall cabinets. 
  3. Drawer over door in all base cabinets 
  4. Revolving lazy susan shelves in corner base and overhead cabinet wherever possible 
  5. Pull-out shelf in base cabinets wherever possible 
  6. High pressure laminate countertops w/4" backsplash 
  7. Double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink 
  8. Single lever faucet w/spray 
  9. Exterior vented range hood w/light 


  1. 60" One-piece fiberglass tub (tub type may vary per plan) 
  2. Single lever faucets in tubs/showers w/anti-scald device 
  3. Raised panel oak or maple recessed panel, bath vanity cabinets 
  4. High pressure laminate vanity tops w/4" backsplash 
  5. 18" Round porcelainized steel sinks or one piece cultured marble vanity top. 
  6. Single lever lavatory faucet 
  7. Elongated vitreous china water saver 1.6 GPF toilet.  
  8. Exterior vented Fan/light combination in each bath 
  9. Bath accessories include: beveled edge mirrors, light bar over each sink, towel bar, and tissue holder per plan 
  10. Linen storage (per plan) 


  1. PEX water lines stubbed through floor 
  2. PVC drain, waste, and vents (DWV) stubbed through floor 
  3. Shut-off valves for all sinks, and toilets 
  4. Washer connection box provided (per plan) 
  5. GOLD Package adds ice maker connection box é 


  1. All electrical wiring to the most stringent
  3. 200 AMP service w/circuit breakers (per plan) 
  4. Ground fault interrupters (GFI) for exterior receptacles, bath, and kitchen appliance circuits
  5. Silent rocker panel switches. 
  6. Deluxe coach style light at each exterior door 
  7. Double coach lights at front exterior door 
  8. Interior light package including a chandelier for formal dining area and fluorescent kitchen ceiling light 
  9. Fluorescent light over kitchen sink, or a recessed light over kitchen sink. 
  10. Six recessed lights. 
  11. Switched bedroom receptacles 
  12. Four telephone jacks. 
  13. Four cable TV jacks. 
  14. Dual power (AC/DC) Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors wired in series  
  15. 110 volt gas range receptacle, or 220 volt electric range receptacle. 
  16. Electric door chime at front door. 
  17. Boiler shut off switch. 


  1. Hot water baseboard radiators (boiler to be supplied & installed by local contractor) 
  2. Toe kick heaters in kitchen & baths when required 


  1. Upper level framing same as lower level construction Ceiling joists framing of lower level is 2" x 6" construction 
  2. Stair package to upper level includes: primed kickboard and carpet grade treads and risers. Also includes: spindle railing and wall handrails (per plan). NOTE: Carpet and railings shipped loose 
  3. Plumbing of water lines and DWV is to upper level chase for on-site connection 
  4. Hanging foyer light for open foyer entry models 


  1. 12/12 16" OC Roof pitch w/12" eave extension 
  2. Pre-engineered trusses w/knee walls 
  3. Close-off package for upper level includes: interior door and partitions for on-site installation 
  4. 3/4" tongue & groove OSB floor decking for center portion of upper level, or…
  5. GOLD Package upgrades to ¾" tongue & groove plywood floor decking for center portion of upper level.
  6. 110 V Electrical circuit to junction box for future lights in upper level 
  7. Rough-in plumbing for future second level bath 
  8. Stair package to upper level includes: primed kickboard and carpet grade treads and risers. Also includes: spindle railing and wall handrails (per plan)

NOTE: Carpet and railings shipped loose for stair area 

  • Blown R-30 cellulose insulation or fiberglass batt (no insulation above upper level decking) 
  • Two Gable end - upper level windows (shipped loose) per plan 

Items included in the Gold Package are also available as individual upgrades 

Note: Some “standard specs” may vary on certain models. Your individual contract will spell out the detail of what is included in your new home.

Hundreds of options and upgrades are available. The most popular include 9' ceilings, tray ceilings, premium windows, custom cabinetry, granite or Corian® countertops, whirlpool tubs, dramatic oak staircases, and more…you tell us what's important!