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How to Do It Yourself Contracting

Can I Be My Own General Contractor? 

Sure you can…but please be aware…

  • If you've never acted as a General Contractor (GC) before, and even if you are experienced, unfamiliar situations are sure to arise. Whether they stem from mis-communication, misunderstandings, supplier/sub-contractor errors or omissions, or acts of God, it is up to the GC to find a solution. Some of the time, the cost of resolving problems can be charged back to the party responsible. Other times, the cause of the problem may not be clear. In all cases, the ultimate responsibility is that of the GC…you!
  • The GC is required to know everything about the project. When you hire a professional GC, you expect that any problems will be corrected at the GC's expense, no matter what it cost to make it right. As the GC of your own project you hold the same responsibility for all aspects of the job. Just like a paid GC, the fact that you “forgot”, or “weren’t aware”, or “weren’t told”, or “didn't expect” something won't excuse you from your obligation to make things work.

Will I Save Money Acting As My Own GC?

  • Maybe. Maybe not. A paid GC will quote a price that includes the cost of all of the work to be performed plus a profit margin or fee as compensation. When things don’t go so well, the GC has to cover the extra costs out of pocket, unless the contract has specific exclusions for some common overruns. 

  • So, when you act as your own GC, you don't pay yourself any fees or pay a profit to anyone. So if you can get the work done for the same cost as the GC, you will save. On the other hand, when you don’t hire a professional to oversee your project, you bear all of the financial risks.

Will The Builder Development Corp. Help Me Act As My Own GC?

  • The Builder Development Corp. has a long and successful history of working with individuals acting as their own General Contractors building modular homes. We’ll do our best to help you understand the process and what you have to do. When you choose to be your own GC, however, you are in charge, and there is no guarantee that unexpected situations will not arise. We’re eager to be helpful, but unless we are hired to be the GC, all site responsibilities are borne by the GC of record.

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