Modular Homes are built with the same high quality materials used in any well crafted wood frame home. Modular Homes must conform to the same local building codes as any other home in your town. Modular Home manufacturers buy their building materials from the same sources as any other home builder or construction company. Because our homes are "custom built" for you, you determine the specifications of your Custom Modular Home. Isn't that what custom built means? We can sell you just the modular home or complete the project.

Cape Cod house

Traditional Cape Cod style homes usually start like ranches with a single factory built living level, but with an unfinished, but potentially habitable attic area under a higher pitched roof, such as a 12/12 pitch. Most Cape plans feature only one or two bedrooms on the first floor, with the potential for future bedrooms on the Cape level. Capes can also be ordered with factory finished second floors. Our model center has a Bar Harbor Cape (27'6" x 48') on display.


Side by side duplexes and Town Houses are very easily produced using modular construction. Over under duplexes and larger multi level apartment complexes are also possible.

Two Story Colonial

As you might expect, two story homes have two floors. The first floor modules are shipped with ceilings, but without roofs. The second floor modules are shipped with roofs and stacked on top of the 1st floor. Because there are no roofs shipped on the first floor, they can be built with taller walls allowing 9' ceilings. Typical two story plans are built with four modules, two down and two up, but larger more complex plans can have five, six, seven, or more sections. At our model center, you can walk through The Lexington, a 31'6" x 48'/54 center hall

Styles of homes, most homes can be built modular or stick. Just ask The Builder Development Corp Salesperson

Every home we build is custom designed from scratch. There is no warehouse full of "standard" homes waiting to be assembled, no wall sections, no roofs. We are a custom home builder, we start with your dreams and turn them into what your home. 

All homes with a single factory built living level and no habitable attic area fall into this category. Ranches can be on crawlspaces or full basements. They can be straight rectangular ranches or split level, T-shaped, or L-shaped, or H-shaped. Raised Ranches, Hi-Ranches, and Bi-levels all start with a Ranch design.


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